Looks familiar? Yeap, I think so.

We all have encountered this. Maybe you’ve seen your friends, some random person on your social media, or yourself doing it. Conscious or unconsciously, we have now become victims of the #.

Though, what does it do, really?

Hashtags were used way before social media. It was actually invented for IRC networks to label groups and topics. Made popular by Twitter these days, Hashtags are being used in almost every type of social media. They are primarily use to promote specific interest or topic, that if made popular enough could create a larger discussion or generate more people to visit and take interest on it.

On Twitter for example, when a hashtag becomes very popular, it will appear as a “Trending Topic”, whereas on Instagram, by using certain popular hashtag(s), you may generate more like and more followers on your page.

When used properly, hashtags can be really useful. It could simplify both your personal and professional life.


1.   Finding and/ creating communities with same interests

2.   Getting news or whatever is trending in just a click away


1.   Promoting businesses and organizations’ products, services and events

2.   A branding tool for businesses and organizations

However, since the hashtags have been very popular, its use has also been abused.

These are a few types of hashtag abuse:

1.   The Over Hashtagger : people who uses too many hashtags on a post


2.   The HashtagStringer : people who #hashtaglikethis


(I would say I have been guilty of doing this before :/ but after doing some research on hashtags, I would definitely rethink before doing this!)

And apparently..

3. The Verbal Hashtagger : people who actually says the word “hashtag” in real verbal conversation.

I get that people have the need to be seen and heard, and that is what social media really got started from, but some terms are hashtagged for a certain reason, and so not all words are supposed to be hashtagged.

Hashtags are also meant to be simple, so joining all words together with no capitals whatsoever will confuse readers.

And although hashtagging has now become a trend, it does not necessarily mean that we have to add it into our verbal conversation. I mean, we don’t use “LOL” or “BRB” when we verbally talk to someone, do we?

So tell me what your experiences are with the famous hashtag. Were they good, bad or neither? Have you ever created a hashtag of your own, and if so, what is it for and how did it turn up?

Please do tell me on the comment box down below.